Bima Hall Technical Info

  length : 144 m 
  width : 60 m 
  Ceiling   8,8 m 
    4 m at lower roof 
  Floor Area 
  Partial (Bima A/B/C) 
  2880 sqm 
  Floor Loading   10 ton/sqm 
  Roof Type 
  Steel Trust 
  Wall Structure 
  Steele Frame with GRC
   Floor Structure
  Concrete Seated Material 
  Entrance & Exit 
  7 Sets, each at front, rear and side 
  Loading Door 
  2 Sets 
  Split Duct Air Conditioning 
  Storage Partition 
  1,1 m x 2,75 (height 4 m) 
  2m x 8,60 m (height 8,33 m) 
  3 Unit
   Mechanical Electrical 
  Air Conditioning   152 TR 
  Electric Power Supply 
  220/380V 50 Hz, 3 Phase 
  Electric Power Capacity 
  690 KVA 
  Emergency Power Supply 
  Basic Lighting 
  Back-up Power Supply 
  1000 KVA Genset 
  Lighting Type 
  Flourescent Daylight 
  Lighting Level 
  200/250 Lux 
  Telephone Lines 
  80 Terestrial Line 
  200-500 PBX Line 
  P.A System 
  Available for Paging and Anouncement 
  Fire Protection 
   Hydrant and Manual Call Point
  Water Supply  
  PDAM: 5 Ltr/sec 
  Deep well : 10 ltr/sec 
  Multipurpose Room 
  2 Room 

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